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"Nothing Stays the Same is a lush, beautifully orchestrated album of Americana-tinged folk rock. Filled front-to-back with 45-minutes of thoughtful songwriting about universal themes, it’s sure to stay a favorite for months to come." - Midwest Action

"Her vocal style calls to mind greats like Rickie Lee Jones and Joni Mitchell, with tenderness and emotion flowing from each lyrical turn of phrase." - Mother Church Pew

"Annie Bacon’s folk rock has touches of Ani DiFranco and Joan Osborne but with more twang and the power of modern messages." - The Bay Bridged / Band Art

"Even the mere richness of her intonation would be enough to suggest that this singer has some stories to tell, but then her poetry begins to paint cinematic pictures that can seem to be montages from any of our memories in terms of relatability" - Jeff Milo, Current Magazine

"(Nothing Stays the Same is) the anthemic folk track for all those who are struggling" - Surviving The Golden Age

"(Gallatin Pike)'s a heart wrenching offering in a sense, as it dives deep with classic bluegrass accompaniments, which combine to drive the wholesome degradation of the hurt and the lustful. Together in arms, Annie takes it again, to another notch, as her Stevie Nicks like penetrating vocals, dilate the formations of clouds, and mists that surround our sonic visions. Michigan based, San Francisco prior, and originally from Maine, Annie Bacon is a beautiful singer and teller of stories." - comeherefloyd

"(Annie) is very adept at mining emotional details" - Phil Maq / The Most Awesome Song of the Day

"I encourage you to seek ("Gallatin Pike") out for keeps. Some singers have a way of connecting with their audience and Annie Bacon’s storytelling is exceptional... as are the visual elements of this single, from the artwork to the video join up those dots perfectly." - Folk Radio UK

"("Gallatin Pike") is mystical and captivating, but if I had to sum it up…. It simply makes you “feel”!" - Music Junkie Press

"Annie Bacon...creates a cinematic experience for listeners with haunting melodies and carefully orchestrated harmonies. Her sound varies as each track pulls from various influences, sometimes folk, sometimes indie-rock, but always fiercely emotional. ("What we said") is a track and video that you'll forget you've left on repeat all day." - Earmilk

"Annie Bacon ... was striking. Bacon’s music was warm and emotive, but not without sharpness." 
- Live review / The Bay Bridged

"Creativity, truth and emotion drive her sound to a whole new level" 
- Urban Vinyl Magazine

"Bacon’s most recent endeavor, the single “What We Said,” stirs a dream-like air of a musician finding their way back home. Pensive yet hopeful, the track’s avant-garde approach to folk is a fitting progression for Bacon (who just returned to the city herself)."
- SF Sounds

"Songs full of empathy and passion"
- The Bay Bridged

"A wonderful Bay Area artist"
- DJ Webbles Host of KUSF / Hangover Sessions

"Annie Bacon is insightful and musical at a very deep and touching level…a lovely presence."
- Steve O'Sullivan, Host of The Bay Area Band Show

"The well-crafted songs are at once poetic and melodic"
- Napa Valley Now

"("The Baby Suite") features gorgeous piano accompaniment, a smooth, jazzy saxophone and, of course, Bacon's soothing vocal delivery and heartfelt lyrics... The video itself features a wide range of mothers and their children, both emphasizing the inclusive nature of the song as well as displaying a sense of wonder in an experience that is sometimes overlooked or taken for granted by society. After all, this is the beginning of human life, and Baconmovingly captures all the excitement, confusion, and indescribable ecstasy that goes along with it. ”- The Bay Bridged

"When I think of people who exemplify the Bay Area's creative culture, I think of people like Annie Bacon. Highly original, filled with integrity and continually questing...”-

"Some nights you need to rock out to hardcore, other nights you want sweet and tender vocals over a folk-y melody, the kinds of songs in which the lyrics mean something and the music carries you right along. Annie Bacon, also known for her "Folk Opera" work, offers that soothing sound you may yearn for at her album release show with her OSHEN band (for new album Light to See Dark). Think Americana, with an emotionally driven undertone.”- San Francisco Bay Guardian

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