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"A beautiful singer and teller of stories."

Photo By: Cybelle Codish

August 17, 2023

The last few years, for all their difficulty, have been incredibly prolific. This album (plus two others, a novel, and a musical) scratch the surface of what's been created ... The rest of it will come out in pieces for the rest of my* life as my art continues to process these years forever. I'm guessing yours will too though our hardships might not be the same. We'll turn our suffering into gorgeous treasure and become rich together.

"So be it. See to it." This is what Octavia Butler said to herself as a reminder that our dreams do not happen on their own, nor do they happen only for our own benefit. 

The new album in process is made in the honest work of witnessing the human condition through my own self-absorption. They are my eyes, but I am always looking for the place where what I feel and experience is not mine but ours. This is the great power of art, and though whether I’ve succeeded at witnessing something in YOU remains to be seen, after playing most of these songs live, I know there are people out there whose broken hearts need this witness. The songs have work to do in the world: holding a safe place to feel the depth of the grief and loss and heartbreak. For these minutes. Together.  

So be it. See to it. 

Please join us in bringing the album into the world. 

I love you.



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** To view the "Have No Fear" documentary about Nikki click here.**



Photo By: Cybelle Codish




Photo By: Cybelle Codish

"Absolutely Brilliant"

-  Bob Harris BBC Radio 2

"Some singers have a way of connecting with their audience and Annie Bacon’s storytelling is exceptional" 
-  Folk Radio UK

Folk-rock / Americana with a pounding heart.


Annie Bacon is a writer and songwriter living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. With her OSHEN she merges a literary writing style and folk-rock Americana sound to create rich and emotionally complex music. She has also composed a Folk Opera, written a forthcoming novel on themes of motherhood & war, and is currently working on an original full-length musical with collaborator Kyle Rasche (Chain of Lakescalled The Keeper. 

She split most of her life between New England and San Francisco, but relocated with her family to Michigan in 2018, where the music community embraced her and provided a network of collaborators and mentors. After a personally challenging 2019/2020 and surviving a global pandemic while deeply grieving multiple losses, Bacon emerges with a host of creative works to be released in 2023/2024

Abiding by Buckminster Fuller’s “It has to be Everybody or Nobody” philosophy, Bacon is always at work to foster community - whether through songs that explore the many ways we experience and express our humanity; through mentoring other musicians, especially as a co-coordinator of first the San Francisco and now the Southeast Michigan chapters of the Nashville Songwriters Association (NSAI), or as a panelist with Balanced Breakfast or Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) events; through uplifting and shining light on unknown artists as a freelance music writer (bylines in KQED, She Shreds, MetroTimes Detroit); or through outright community management (which she does in both a volunteer and professional capacity for communities of parents/caregivers). 


She’s also done some things: 


With her OSHEN (a rotating cast) she has recorded three albums (one live) and three EPs, all comfortably in the folk-rock and Americana orbits. Her songs have been featured in film and commercials, and have earned her nominations from Independent Music Awards (Finalist/Americana), Great River Folk Festival (Top 3 Finalist), and International Songwriting Competition (Semifinalist x2). She also composed a Folk Opera (about love and loss: of memory, places and people) while traveling in the Middle East and southern Africa, recorded an early version of it in 2010 with a 15-person live band and Townsfolk choir with the help of avid fans, and had it adapted by Alphabet Arts as a verse-puppet play for their Puppets & Poets Festival at the Bushwick Theatre in Brooklyn, NY in 2013. In 2016-17 she appeared in a small role in Taylor Mac’s genius “24 Hours of Popular Music” shows in New York and San Francisco.  In 2019, Bacon coordinated and created the title track for the For A Better Life compilation which raised funds for Immigrant Families Together. In late 2022 she cowrote an original full-length musical, The Keeper, with collaborator Kyle Rasche (Chain of Lakes) which is currently in workshops. She is also currently working on a novel on themes of motherhood & war, and two albums set for release in late 2023.  




LOVE&HATE | annie(at)anniebacon(dot)me 


BOOKING | booking(at)anniebacon(dot)me         


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