"A beautiful singer and teller of stories."

Photo By: Cybelle Codish


this is a place for those who do, or want to feel life deeply. each song is crafted from my "rich emotional life," (-my therapist.) the songs are BRIDGES - a chance to step out over the water between feeling and being - and connect. to see yourself in me, or me in you, to see our shared experiences, or learn from the stories of others.


not every bridge will get you where you want to go. that's okay. try the next one. keep listening until the hair on the back of your neck stands up, or until you cry. and please do reach out. I'd love to hear how and where and when and over what water the songs are finding you.  

thank you for listening and giving purpose to the work.

we're in this together and I love you, 



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** To view the "Have No Fear" documentary about Nikki click here.**



Photo By: Cybelle Codish




Photo By: Cybelle Codish

"Absolutely Brilliant"

-  Bob Harris BBC Radio 2

"Haunting melodies and carefully orchestrated harmonies" -  Earmilk

"Some singers have a way of connecting with their audience and Annie Bacon’s storytelling is exceptional" 
-  Folk Radio UK

Folk-rock/Americana with a pounding heart.


Understanding and unpacking complex emotional experiences is elemental to every Annie Bacon song, most maturely expressed on the 2019 release Nothing Stays the Same. Produced in large part by Avett Brothers' & Langhorne Slim bassist Paul Defiglia and rooted in both folk and rock n roll, the album is an achingly Americana artwork. Bacon's ear for lush harmonies and indelible melodies lift her poetic and literary writing style (which she also puts to use as a music journalist) into a cinematic, almost synesthetic, experience. 

She has split her life between Maine and California (San Francisco), but relocated with her family to Michigan in 2018. The Michigan music community quickly embraced her and has provided an incredible network of collaborators and mentors.  From that new perch, Bacon undertook the band's fifth project, Nothing Stays The Same. The 14-song album incorporates four existing singles with ten new tracks, and is the most finely expressed example of the sweet rock sound for which Annie & her OSHEN have become adored.

For seven of the ten new songs, Annie traveled to Defiglia's Nashville-based Sensitive Sound studio, where Defiglia provided both expertise and a supportive environment for Annie's creative impulses to flourish. Six others were recorded in the San Francisco Bay Area (25th Street, Opus, and Hank's House studios), and one in Ann Arbor (Blue Sky). For each song, she gathered a crew of dear friends and longtime collaborators including James Nash (The Waybacks), Omar Cuellar (Facing New York), Henry Nagle (eight belles), Meryl Press, Elizabeth Greenblatt and The Singer & The Songwriter.

Bacon’s work has been lauded by Folk Radio UK, Mother Church Pew, comeherefloyd, No Depression, Earmilk, and more. She composed a Folk Opera which was adapted as a verse puppet play for the Brooklyn Puppets and Poets Festival. In 2016-17, she appeared as a small part in Taylor Mac’s genius “24-Decade History of Popular Music” performances in New York and San Francisco. In addition to her work as a musician, Bacon also works as a music journalist, contributing to KQED, The Bay Bridged, She Shreds and others.




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